One Village project

Helping one village light one candle at a time

I started the One Village project with a goal of going back to my birthplace of Zimbabwe, Africa to help my village people to take personal responsibility for their life by teaching them how to fish rather than giving them the fish. The teaching is not the traditional schooling, as we know. I want to cover self, personal, spiritual development. I want them to understand the reason of what is going on in their lives is right where they are at.


I come to you, my chosen family, asking for your support to help my birth tribe. I want to go back and help the villages I grew up and help my own people doing what organizations like Peak Potentials do changing lives by helping people transform their lives, become aware of what goes on in the inner world, do something about it, heal and transform.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered”. — Nelson Mandela

I say;

There is nothing like returning to the place where you were born and find that the land and the physical buildings somewhat appear different than when you were growing up. Its people’s inner landscape has not altered and you have and you can see and feel because you have changed” — Chipo Shambare

As we all know when you feel good about yourself you are happy and healthy. I will help them reclaim who they really are. On one of my volunteer visit I witnessed how hungry and thirsty the people are of reclaiming their power and spirit back. I could tell you many stories of what I saw during that month I was in my village. People were lining up to come and see me from 4:00 am and the line did not stop. Women, men and children were coming from near and far even though I was there to work with women and children. One man walked for 2 days to come and see if I could help him. I was overwhelmed by the responds and the gratitude these people showed me. I have this story about what’s stopping me from pursuing the dream I have had since I was a kid is “ money”.

Asking has been (in the past) a huge issue for me. Here is the new me, now asking you my chosen family for support to bring this burning idea in my heart to manifestation. I am continually being reminded!

Can you help?

Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall open.

Who else to ask or whose door shall I knock but my friends, colleagues, chosen family and those who just want to help others heal. Many people I know want to give to a great cause but don’t know which or how.This is a project you actually participate in, come to my villages with me, and live village live for a week, or two participate in the life style and I will be your tour guide to see the beautiful land of Zimbabwe my birth home in Africa.

You can support by gifting “One Village” project. Give whatever your heart suggests.

The One Village Project is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO # 82359 8511 RC 0001).