Private coaching

You are my ‘number one’ priority

So you’re ready to learn more about the powers of your own intuition. Maybe you attended one of my workshops. Maybe you enjoyed one of my intuitive group coaching sessions. Now it’s time to build a healing bridge that takes you down your path to self esteem and peace of mind. Welcome to the power of intuitive coaching in a private coaching setting.

Your issue, your needs

The powers of your intuition are inside you; in an intuitively guided, heart-centred private coaching, I can do more to help you tap into those powers more quickly. I can work one-on-one with you on difficult subjects that need privacy in a comfortable setting. Whether you’re having marital difficulties, trouble communicating with your children or spouse, or stress over work or money, I can concentrate on your needs.

For added comfort and convenience, I can conduct a private session at your home or other choice of venue, over the telephone without compromising the results, and via Skype.

Ready to get help on your road to a balanced life?