Group coaching

Learn about yourself through others – discover the power of intuitive coaching in a group setting

For my heart-centred group intuitive coaching, I use a volunteer subject whose story exemplifies the chosen theme. By making everyone feel at home and engaged, I turn group coaching sessions into fun, lively, and welcoming sessions. That allows me to feature an issue based on a real-life example so I can facilitate the session more effectively.

Chipo created a welcoming and safe atmosphere for participants to relax, learn, and have fun. Professional in her approach, sensitive to the diversity of people, balanced with a wonderful sense of humour and fun, Chipo presented many concrete ideas and useful information on how to take care of ourselves and each other in this often stressful world.

—Tammy Corner, Health Promoter
Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, Ottawa

Group coaching is also a perfect and much more affordable alternative to private coaching.

Your choice of topics

I can tailor a group session to specific concerns such as being unhappy at work, coping with a recent divorce, or dealing with an aging parent. In each session, I’ll take you through the process of heart-centred intuitive coaching. If you look through my keynotes and workshops topics, you get a better idea of what I can offer in group coaching.

Sharing and supporting

Group coaching works well for people who function openly with others. Participants gain support from other people facing the same issues. At the end of the session, all participants get to share their experiences.

If you feel that sharing your story with others will help you gain the insight and support your need to lead a happier life, then consider group coaching!