“Introduction to Evolution of The Heart” by Patricia Clum

“Open to Love” Event  

Thursday 4 May 6:30 – 9:30 pm and Saturday 6 May 2017 at 10:00 am

Location: Ottawa: Investment and Venue TBA very soon


“Introduction to Evolution of The Heart”.

Pre Register and Pre Pay.

Are you ready to go deeply into your heart?

 If any of these questions resonate, we invite you to join us at our first Ottawa Event

*Are you ready to fully live from your heart?

*Are you ready to listen more to your open heart, in everyday life?

*Do you know that there is no more searching outside of yourself, that all your answers are from within, and you are ready to come back home to your heart?

* Are you ready to move beyond fear? Beyond emotion?

Beyond limiting beliefs?

* Are you ready to experience your heart in its truest form?

* Do you experience life as an opportunity, even during the challenging times?

* Are you ready to experience the Divine within you, and your open heart with the Divine?

We will gather and move deeply with spirit, unwinding, unfolding, releasing & receiving all the offerings of the divine.

This  event offers a platform of heart opening and transformation ~ releasing, letting go and opening. This is a glimpse of what is possible during a weekend event coming soon to Ottawa. There will be beautifully guided meditation and discussion; the space held by Patricia, is full of healing love and deep presence.

“We are dedicated to support your unique personal awakening ~ through practices, guided meditation, and creator consciousness.

We hold the highest expression of light and compassion as you remember your connection with the Divine. Once your heart is opening to the deepest expression of you, you begin to experience every moment is heartfelt and in alignment with your life ~ from the inside out.” with love Visit:  evoth-heart-maze.gif

More details to follow very soon. Pre Registration and pre payment is required. Space is Limited Interested email me at [email protected] or call 613 7415435 to reserve your space.