Intuitive energy coaching helps you get more out of life

The answer may be to rely on your own intuition. Maybe you’re having trouble communicating with your children. Maybe you’re fighting unresolved conflict such as with your mother, your spouse or even yourself. Or maybe you’re experiencing a health issue that’s not responding to traditional medicine. If you can relate to any of those situations, then consider my heart-centered approach to intuitive coaching as a way to live better, happier, and healthier.

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Hi! I’m Chipo Shambare — Intuitive Energy Counsellor, Speaker, Trainer, EduCoach, Author of I am good enough for ME

I can help you build a healing bridge to your heart. Clients say that I bring them peace of mind. I honour their privacy, allowing them to feel free to discover their inner selves. While I challenge people to reach inside their hearts and minds, I don’t intimidate them. People leave my sessions smiling!

She is also one of the finest human beings, blessed with a deeply compassionate and intuitive soul. She loves easily and with grace.  – Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

Chipo offered me choices to help me heal myself and helped me save my life, and supported me every step.  – Tosh Serafini, businessman, Ottawa

You won’t recognize yourself after a session with Chipo! She’s incredible!  – Sue LeShien, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Ottawa

Let me help you …

Whether you are someone who needs help, an event planner looking for a keynote speaker or business manager looking for a team bonding coach and facilitator, I offer various ways for you to experience intuitive energy coaching through keynotes, workshops, group coaching, private coaching and business team coaching.